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What is Rumicode?

Rumicode is a gateway for you to explore the other languages in your life.

With our slideshows, similar to the one on the right, and our other sections - Online Places, Food, Kids, Arts, Sports, and more - the other languages in your life are just a click away.

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Rumicode Greetings
New Moon Eid invite Eid Greeting Card Farsi Eid Greeting

What can I do on Rumicode?

Using Rumicode Greetings, you can type in beautiful fonts to create greeting cards, invitations, posters and signs - even if the fonts are not installed on your computer. You can upload an image or choose a background color. You can enter and style your text with different font sizes, font colors and background colors.

Rumicode Greetings is available for Farsi and Urdu.

Compose from Rumicode Urdu

What can I do on Rumicode?

Rumicode allows you to type in different languages from any browser. You can write something and then do something with what you have written.

Post it to your facebook wall, tweet it, or email it to someone.

Key search, news, and language sites
Language Section
Everyday Section

What else can I do on Rumicode?

You can go directly to key search and news sites using our "Everyday" section. These links are sites you visit as part of your daily ritual along with your morning coffee and through-out the day.

Or visit our Language section for tools and references, which help you to be more productive in the language.

Why Rumicode?

We are living multi-cultural, multi-lingual lives, and our online lives should be no different.