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Transliteration Notes


Rumicode was started many years ago when Amir Najmi decided to help friends and family who wanted to type non-English languages. He couldn’t find a satisfactory existing solution, so he decided to build something from scratch. With Amir’s knowledge of languages and linguistics, as well as some generous help from his friend Howard Mullings, Amir created Rumicode, a browser-based transliteration tool for sixteen different languages.

Rumicode used javascript to transliterate different languages using ASCII characters. It also allowed you to enter text for search, or to compose emails and other informal documents. With Rumicode, Amir’s mom was able to complete a book translation in Urdu and friends (e.g. me) had easy access to typing Korean, Japanese and diacritics in other languages.

Fast forward....

There’s been some progress in the online world in typing non-English languages, but not in the direction in which we would like to see. Thus, we decided to open up Rumicode to the public and develop it further.

We are living multi-cultural, multi-lingual lives, and our online lives should be no different. We hope you will use Rumicode to explore the other languages in your life.

Welcome to Rumicode!

- Linda Woo, Co-Founder



Oriana Lemme

Oriana joined Rumicode as a product manager. She has her hand in most everything from talking with users, managing content and design aspects of the site, to checking in her own code. She also moonlights as our office manager forcing us to stay organized but also happy at our launch celebrations. Oriana is a native of Montreal but lives in San Francisco. She is fluent in Italian, French, and English.


Neda Zare

Neda is a native of Iran but is now based in San Francisco. At Rumicode, she currently manages all aspects related to Farsi. However, with her background in applied math (specifically numerical analysis and partial differential equations), she is our "go-to" team member for all things analytical. In her freetime, Neda loves reading, cooking, and eating from all over the world and writing her own blog (in Farsi of course). Her main languages are Farsi and English, but she also knows French.


Linda Woo

Linda has been dreaming about Rumicode for years and finally did something about it. Before discovering the magic of software, she lived in Japan for many years and was in grad school (theoretical second language acquisition) for almost as many. She speaks English and Japanese, eats Korean, hears Urdu, has learned French, wants to read Russian, write Arabic, and understand German.