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Introducing Rumicode Greetings for Urdu
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how it works

(To use Rumicode Greetings,
you will be asked to
login with a Google account.
For only typing Urdu and
no login, try our Compose page.)

Your keyboard or ours?

No downloads or configurations. If you already have a Urdu keyboard, you can use it. If not, you can use our virtual keyboard.

Jameel Noori and other fonts

Urdu font
You can type in Jameel Noori Kasheeda or Nastaleeq fonts. No downloads required. Choose different colors and sizes.

Upload your own background

Little Girl
You can upload a photo to personalize a greeting card. No photo? Select any background color using an easy-to-use color palette.

Card, invitation, sign, or poster?

blank card
Print a 5x7 card or invite, a bulletin to announce an event or a poster. Our different resolutions accommodate these sizes.