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Korean Google News

Google Korean News

Visit Google Korean News for comprehensive, current news in Korean. Google News and products aren't very popular in Korea, but Google is still a great source for Korean news.

You can also customize your news by adding sections or creating sections with your own key word choices.

Contributed on 2011/12/15

Best hikes in Korea

CNN GO - Seoul City Essentials

Have you visited CNN's travel site? They have a lot of fun lists for Korean items - top 5 places for Bibimbab, 20 Delicious Korean drinks, 7 gorgeous Korean mountains hikes... You get the picture. It's fun online reading with lots of pictures and travel ideas.

Contributed on 2012/11/01


East Village Restaurant in Seoul

Tteokgalbi passes for a forlorn hamburger patty on many Korean restaurant menus, and it often goes ignored by diners because of its unassuming appearance. Kwon Woo-joong, the chef and owner of East Village in Seoul, wants to redeem it.

Contributed on 2012/11/08

LG Kids Pad

LG Kids Pad

Top of the line tablet for kids from LG. Available in Korea only.

Contributed on 2012/12/14

Nepa girl

Funny Promotional Video from NEPA, an outdoor sportswear brand

상의 실종 실험걸 “보호해 주고 싶어”

This promotional video by the Outdoor sportswear brand NEPA is tongue-in-cheek funny.

Contributed on 2012/11/01

LACMA Korean Paintings

Geurim: Fine Korean Paintings
LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Arts

LACMA’s website is the first widely available scholarly resource for Korean painting in English. A comprehensive collections, especially its works from the Joseon dynasty (1392 - 1910).

Contributed on 2012/05/15


Gaon Chart

가온 차트(Gaon Chart)는 대한민국 최초의 대중음악 공인차트 사이트이다. '가온'은 순우리말로 가운데, 중심을 뜻하는 단어이다.

Gaon Chart is a national record chart in Korea, similar to Billboard Charts. There is an Album and Singles category.

Contributed on 2012/05/15

Yahoo Korean

Yahoo Korean Dictionary

This is our favorite online Korean dictionary reference.

Contributed on 2011/10/15