French Mapping Chart
Français à è ù é â ê î ô û ë ï ü ç œ æ « »
Rumicode a` e` u` e' a^ e^ i^ o^ u^ :e :i :u c, o_e a_e " $E

1. Use apostrophe (') after the vowel to give the letter an acute accent.

2. Use backquote (`), which is the key below tilda (~), after the vowel to give the letter grave accents.

3. Use carrot (^) after the letter to give it a circumflex.

4. Use colon (:) before the vowel to give it an umlaut.

5. Use a comma (,) after the c to give it a cedille. Note that the cedille does not appear until after you have typed the letter after it.

6. Use underscore (_) for ligatures.

7. Examples

pre'fe`re préfère
re^ve rêve
na:ive naïve
fac,on façon
co_eur cœur