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Iyasare Restaurant in Berkeley

Inspired by the artisanal ingredients and simple, rustic flavors of his native Tohoku region, chef-owner Shotaro Kamio blends the obscure with the familiar for surprisingly extraordinary tastes.

Contributed on 2014/01/14


Juiced for a citrus winter

One of my favorite winter pastimes growing up was to snuggle under the futon covering a kotatsu (heated table), doing my homework or watching TV, as I methodically worked my way through a big bowl of Satsuma mikan....

Contributed on 2014/01/14

Izakaya Roku

Izakaya Roku in San Francisco

New Japanese restaurant in the Mission near Market street. Owner Jay Hamada of JapaCurry Food Truck fame, opened in October 2012.

Contributed on 2012/12/13

Homemade Japanese Curry Rice

Homemade Japanese Curry Recipe

A great recipe for homemade Japanese Curry Rice from food blogger Marc of!

"....I haven’t made Japanese curry since I started blogging since using packaged food is against the very ethos of this blog. Last night, I fixed that by figuring out how to make it from scratch. For those that love the packaged curry, the taste and texture are similar, but the flavours are brighter and more intense. It has an almost creamy quality about it that the packaged kind just doesn’t have...."

Contributed on 2012/12/13

Sushi in Suhl

Film recounts unique Japanese restaurant in 1960′s East Germany

Chef Anschütz wanted to give customers something beyond common sausage and potatoes meals but was limited by restrictions imposed by communist East Germany. “Sushi in Suhl” recounts how Anschütz used only the ingredients available to the region to attempt to give customers an experience of Japanese dining.

Contributed on 2012/11/08

Fall Nabe



Find this and many other fall recipes on NHK's page.

Contributed on 2012/10/17

Hecho kanban

Hecho: Sushi and Tequila

185 Sutter St. (near Kearny)
San Francisco, CA 94104

Hecho snagged former Kabuto chef, Sachio Kojima. We loved Kabuto, so we're eager to try Hecho. Read the SF Chronicle review: New chef, much better sushi

Contributed on 2012/09/10

Red Apron

Yoko Arimoto's Shop 281


This stylish but simple apron is from Arimoto Yoko's shop281. Arimoto's is a famous cookbook writer in Japan. Her recent culinary travel book 料理は食材探しからis a 2012 GOURMAND award winner.

Contributed on 2012/07/30

Summer Cold Dishes

Gourmet Navigator

Visit ぐるなび for the perfect summer recipes! Also, a great site for food related information including restaurants, nutrition and special deals.


Contributed on 2012/07/30

Sirogohan website



Contributed on 2012/04/15


Izakaya Yuzuki

By Yuko Hayashi
Chef Takashi Saito

New restaurant in the Mission District.

" introduce authentic Japanese foods to the people in San Francisco. Everything is made from scratch, even the Miso and Tofu. "

598 Guerrero St
San Francisco, CA

Contributed on 2012/01/15


How to eat Eho-Maki and throw your beans!

By Kyoto Foodie

Great article on how to celebrate the day before spring.

Contributed on 2012/01/15


Ippuku Izakaya

Yakitori and Shochu dining bar in Berkeley, CA

2130 Center Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

Contributed on 2012/01/15


Harumi Kurihara

In Yutori no Kukan

Meet homemaker turned culinary sensation, Harumi Kurihara. Often dubbed the Martha Stewart of Japan, she is the face of a cooking empire, which includes cookbooks, magazines as well as restaurants.

Visit her official blog Yutori no kukan.

Contributed on 2012/01/15


Umibudou (Sea Grapes), Japanese Kelp from Okinawa

Crunchy bubbles with the a light taste of seaweed. Some call it green caviar.

Contributed on 2011/12/15


食べログ レストラン トップへ

Tabe Log is a Yelp-like website for restaurants. This website is unique in Japan because it has reviews and ratings, which is relatively new in Japan. Another popular restaurant website is GURU NABI/ぐるなび, which stands for Gourmet Navigator.

Contributed on 2011/12/15


Christmas Tofu by Ochikeron

Ochikeron, or Ochi as she prefers, has been cooking since she met her better half back in 2003. She is an avid user or 'sharer' for the last 7 years and since the tragic earthquake has decided to share her recipes with a larger audience via facebook and youtube. Her videos are fun and kawaii just like everything Japanese.

Contributed on 2011/12/15

Nijiya Market

Nijiya Market, Unique Japanese Market

Great Japanese market to get some fresh sashimi,bentos, sushi, onigiri and miscellaneous ready to eat food like chicken karage. Nijiya Market carries all of Japan's best brands and has an extensive selection of sakes.

Contributed on 2011/12/15

Mochi Pounding

Mochitsuki! Mochi Pounding Ceremony

Asian Art Museum
San Francisco Sat, Jan 14, 2012
12pm to 1pm

"Join this San Francisco institution as they present the colorful and exciting New Year tradition of mochi (delectably sweet rice cakes) pounding with music, dance and costumes."

Contributed on 2011/12/15


KenKenRamen, San Francisco, Mission

No website, just tweets directly from Kenchan, announcing when lunch (or dinner) is served. They have miso, shio and shoyu ramen. The chashu is excellent. The broths and noodles are good. Could use a little less salt though.

Contributed on 2011/10/15


Japan's #1 cooking site. Recipes of all kinds. You can search by ingredients, or type in what you have in refrigerator to see what you can make. Keep in sync with the seasons with their daily changing page or through their daily recipe emails.

Contributed on 2011/10/15

Cooking with Dog

Cooking with Dog

An unconventional youtube channel name, but the recipes are spot-on. No haute-cuisine or fusion here, just glorifyingly conventional. Japanese food the way it really is.

Contributed on 2011/10/15


Delica, Ferry Building, Embarcadero

Find your favorite bentos and salads. Just as good as Japan and with a California flair. Make sure to try the spicy burdock root salad.

Contributed on 2011/10/15

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