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Sumo a normal life

A Normal Life: Chronicle Of A Sumo Wrestler

The diary of Takuya Ogushi, a 18 years old Japanese, who begins his new life as a sumo wrestler. In Japanese with subtitles.

Contributed on 2014/01/15

Yomiuri Giants

Yomiuri Giants Official Website

読売巨人軍の公式サイト. リアルタイム試合速報、試合結果、選手情報、ニュース、特集など.

Contributed on 2012/05/15


2012 Emperor's Cup

It all comes down to this! Sekiwake and soon-to-be newly promoted ozeki, Kakuryu, faces off against fellow Mongolian and reigning yokozuna Hakuho on the final day of the 2012 Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament, as both sekitori finish the basho with a 13-2 record. The man who wins this playoff wins the Emperor's Cup!

Contributed on 2012/04/15



One of the top sports sites in Japan.

Contributed on 2012/03/15

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