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Ricky Kim

Achieving the KPOP look!

The KPOP hairstyle is called a "two-block" or "disconnected" cut. See this pic and more of Ricky Kim, who sports the look.

To achieve this look, have a look at these videos. First comes from the talented "lexy hair stylist." Check out his two-block cut clip and his KPOP Styling Photoshoot session.

The second video is a longer, more detailed "how to" from SwitchScissors. The two-block cut is for the pros. These stylists are amazing with their shears!

Contributed on 2012/11/16


'Pieta' wins Golden Lion award at Venice International Film Festival

South Korean director Kim Ki-duk's latest film "Pieta," which takes its name from Michelangelo's masterpiece sculpture and means "mercy" in Italian, has won the Golden Lion Award for Best Picture at this year's Venice International Film Festival.

Watch the trailer here: 피에타 Pieta (2012) Trailer - Kim Ki-Duk Movie

Contributed on 2012/09/10

Gangnam Style

Psy - Gangnam Style

Rapper Psy, for Psycho, unleashes a video that has become viral. At first glance, its just an off the wall, quirky production, but it's a first for a music industry that has been know more for its vapid Kpop than its social commentary.

Have a look at the making of the video here: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V Making Film

Read Gangnam Style Dissected to learn about the video's underlying message.

Contributed on 2012/08/27

Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun by SHINee ONEW, KEY, and TAEMIN

Meeting SHINee ONEW, KEY, and TAEMIN’s charms in Barcelona! "Children of The Sun: ONEW KEY TAEMIN of SHINee in Barcelona" is a Barcelona travel journal of SHINee, the nationally and internationally beloved idol group.

Contributed on 2012/08/03

2Ne1 Single I love you


NEW EVOLUTION! The newly evolving 2NE1, who will embark on their first ever global tour, has finally released a new single "I LOVE YOU." The new single, an electro-pop genre music, is another masterpiece that featured NEW SOUND,NEW MELODY,NEW LYRICS, NEW VOICE and NEW PERFORMANCE!

Contributed on 2012/07/30


나혼자 (Alone) - 씨스타

Billboard Korea

Sistar is still one of K-pop's hottest acts and now the sexy quartet tops the K-Pop Hot 100 this week with their latest single "Alone".

Here's the link to more hits on Billboard Korea Hot 100 Chart.

Contributed on 2012/05/15


Gaon Chart

가온 차트(Gaon Chart)는 대한민국 최초의 대중음악 공인차트 사이트이다. '가온'은 순우리말로 가운데, 중심을 뜻하는 단어이다.

Gaon Chart is a national record chart in Korea, similar to Billboard Charts. There is an Album and Singles category.

Contributed on 2012/05/15


Twinkle - 소녀시대-태티서

"TaeTiSeo" is a subunit of Girls' Generation. Twinkle is the name of the album and the lead track. Click to watch their video on youtube.

According to The Girls Generation Wiki on Wikia, Twinkle peaked at number four on the US iTunes Album Charts and is the highest peaking K-pop album on the chart.

Contributed on 2012/05/15

Sunny Movie Poster

Sunny, 써니

A box office hit in Korea, Sunny is a wonderful and funny story about a group of girls who separate and re-unite in their adulthood.

Contributed on 2012/04/15

Busker Album cover

Busker Busker: 버스커버스커


We are going gaga over their music.

Here's another with dreamy harmonies called, 외로움증폭장치.

Contributed on 2012/04/15

Soompi logo


"Soompi is the world’s largest and longest-running English online media providing complete coverage of Korean pop culture. Founded in 1998, Soompi has become the ultimate authority for all the latest news on Korean celebrities, music, TV shows, movies, and style, as well as a respected organization that works closely with major Korean entertainment agencies to bring you exclusive content."

Contributed on 2012/03/15

Korean Film Bathhouse


This quixotic animated short explores the relationship between a father and son, as a man enters a public bathhouse and swiftly falls into a dream. Official Selection, 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Look for this film at the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival from March 8 - 18, 2012.

Contributed on 2012/03/15


윤정희, LA영화비평가협회 여우주연상

한국 헤럴드에 의해

윤 정 - 희 승리에 대한 최신 기사를 읽어!

Watch an excerpt from her award winning performance in Poetry on youtube.

Contributed on 2011/12/15

Bubble Pop

HyunA gets spot #9 for her solo song Bubble Pop!

SPIN Magazine released an article online crowning the 20 top songs of the year 2011.

Watch the Bubble Pop single on youtube.

Contributed on 2011/12/15


The Hong Sangsoo Page

Compiled by Adam Hartzell and Darcy Paquet

One of Asia's most original and talented directorial voices. Also, see "The Front Row: DVD of the Week" by Richard Brody in The New Yorker describe Hong's film Woman on the Beach.

Contributed on 2011/10/15

Do You Know

Do you know Korea?

Videographer. "From Daejeon to Seoraksan to Busan to Seoul...October 2010.

Contributed on 2011/10/15



By Kim Young-il

Mr. Young-il has produced an ensemble of Korean Court music.

See more about his work, " First Korean Album Up for Grammy's" in Chosunilbo and in "Designed by Nature" in Seoul Selections.

Contributed on 2011/10/15

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