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Tik-Tik, The Master of Time

Tik-Tik, The Master of Time, Musharraf Ali Farooqi’s third book for children, was released on October 4 (Thursday).

The book is also the first publication by Farooqi’s new publishing house Kitab. Tik-Tik The Master of Time is a story of two children from the fictional planet Nopter, who are looking for a way to grow up quickly. The Express Tribune spoke to the author at The Last Word workshop at the book’s Lahore launch of the book.

Contributed on 2012/10/17

ZIndabad Logo

Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistan Zindabad Youth Magazine is a web based Youth Magazine aimed to support and promote Pakistani youth talent. Pakistan is a nation with a wealth of talented, very capable youth and we are...

You can also visit their active Facebook page here: Pakistan Youth Forum Facebook Page

Contributed on 2012/09/11

Urdu Kidz Cartoon

Urdu Kidz Cartoon

Urdu Kidz Cartoon website is designed to educate urdu speaking kids and youngsters thru cartoon strips and stories dubbed in urdu language.

Interview of Syed Mukarram Niyaz, founder of the site

Contributed on 2012/08/31



The largest Urdu web site for kids containing hundreds of Urdu stories, latife, encyclopedia, sairs, tafreeh, masail, naam and more.

Contributed on 2012/06/15

Kahani magazine cover


A literary magazine for children. There website is even better. Please take a look at both and share them with your friends.

Visit the site,, here.

Contributed on 2012/03/15

Sim Sim Hamara

Exclusive: A win-win with Sim Sim Hamara

By Shoaib Ahmed
In Dawn

"From Pakistan Children Television now comes Sim Sim Hamara, an educational and capacity building series for children. This Pakistani adaptation of Sesame Street has been created by RPTW in collaboration with the Sesame Workshop, New York, and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)."

Contributed on 2011/12/15


Alif Bay Pay

iPad/iPhone APP

Here's a nice app for learning the Urdu alphabet. They also created an Urdu Nursery Rhymes App.

Contributed on 2011/12/15


Children’s Poetry in Pakistan: Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum

By Owais Mughal
In All Things Pakistan

"My mother recently mailed me one of his books called ‘jhoolne’ for my son. For the past two nights I’ve been reading this book to my son at bed time and it has also taken me to a ride through memory lane, and hence the motivation to write this post."

Contributed on 2011/12/15


Urdu Alphabet Jingle


Contributed on 2011/10/15

Toffee TV

Toffee TV

A great collection of stories, songs, activities and videos in Urdu for kids. Read more about the website in Toffee TV: A delicious way to reappraise Urdu, an article by Hani Taha in the The Express Tribune.

Contributed on 2011/10/15

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